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The era of digital pathology is evolving at a rapid pace, and recent technological gains are making the adoption of digital pathology solutions easier and more cost-effective.  At Clearpath Derm, our mission is to empower the dermatology community by providing the highest quality digital dermatopathology tools, services and educational resources.

As leaders in the digital pathology revolution, we’ve developed innovative technologies that bring the benefits of digital pathology directly to the dermatologist—for the first time ever.  Plus, we provide free educational tools to help prepare future leaders in dermatology.

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Clearpath 3.0 is the first software solution to bring digital pathology directly to the dermatologist in a format that’s easy, flexible and compatible with existing workflows.  From reviewing digital whole slide images to generating custom diagnostic reports and signing out cases, Clearpath 3.0 streamlines workflows and helps practicing clinicians realize greater efficiency.

Within 48 hours of sending biopsies to our lab, physicians receive crisp digital slide images on their tablet, iPad Pro or other mobile device.  Interpreting dermatologists are able to confirm diagnoses on glass slides returned to them from the lab.

Because it’s designed to work on a touch-enabled tablet, Clearpath 3.0 can be used from any CLIA-certified location with a Wi-Fi connection—making the review of whole slide digital images easier and more convenient.  The platform provides immediate access to all your cases, which are stored safely in the cloud.

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We are committed to preparing residents for a future in which digital pathology will become the standard of practice.  We developed the Clearpath Education App both to support busy residents in studying for the board and to promote awareness of digital pathology.

The Clearpath Education App transforms an iPad into a touch-enabled virtual study and testing tool.  It allows users to review crisp, digital images without having to travel to the lab or classroom to use a microscope.  This revolutionary teaching tool also fosters greater viewing and sharing of pathology images.

In addition to our easy reference app, we offer Dermpath 100, a two-day comprehensive dermatopathology review of 100 cases with a focus on board preparation.  For residents who want to challenge themselves with glass slides or validate their digital pathology expertise, we offer a Slide Study Set Program that includes a monthly set of 20 unknown cases with coordinating answers.

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