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Clearpath® 3.0 – A Customized Digital Pathology Workflow Solution for Dermatology

  • Are you curious about digital pathology and its potential benefits for your practice and your patients?
  • Do you already review your own pathology slides and want a more convenient and efficient workflow?
  • Are you interested in new ways to expand your business into new regions and grow your referrals?
Clearpath 3.0 is the first-of-its-kind software solution that brings the benefits of digital pathology directly to the dermatology community—whether you already review your own slides or would like to expand your practice’s slide reviewing capability. Designed by an expert team of dermatopathologists and practicing dermatologists, this intuitive software is custom-built for ease of use, flexibility and integration into your existing EHR.
Discover how Clearpath 3.0 turns your tablet or iPad into a touch-enabled virtual lab and helps you achieve your practice goals:

How can Clearpath help you?

I am a:

Dermatologist who reads
my own slides
Dermatologist who reads my own slides
Free me from being tied to
my microscope
Dermatologist who wants to
start reading slides
Dermatologist who wants to start reading slides
Generate a new revenue stream
for my practice
Expand my business and
grow my referrals
Dermatology resident
Study slides for the board
from anywhere

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With Clearpath 3.0, implementing digital pathology is easier and more cost-effective than ever. Our experts are ready to support you every step of the way.

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