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Discover How Digital Pathology Can Benefit Your Practice

If you’re like most dermatologists, you may not know that you can review your own slides and implement a pathology workflow into your practice.
With recent advances in digital pathology, it’s more feasible than ever to adopt cutting-edge technologies that can help grow your practice revenue while improving patient care.

Simple Slide Review and Workflow Management

As the first-of-its-kind tablet-based software solution for digital dermatopathology, Clearpath® 3.0 makes it easy to review whole slide images digitally and manage the pathology workflow through one simple interface. Our dermatopathology experts partner with you to implement our software into your practice and support you in learning how to review digital slides. We always send glass slides for you to confirm your diagnosis.
  • Integrate orders and results into your existing EMR
  • Get complete support with one-touch access for recuts/stains, consults and global reads
  • Generate customized diagnostic reports and sign out cases for reimbursement +
  • Enhance the patient encounter through easy digital slide review on your tablet

+From a CLIA-certified location

Clearpath Derm, the creator of Clearpath 3.0, also provides valuable educational tools to help dermatologists put digital pathology technology into practice.
Our Clearpath Education App allows you to conveniently study crisp, digital dermatopathology images and practice diagnosing over 250 cases.
Download the app from iTunes today.

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With Clearpath 3.0, implementing digital pathology is easier and more cost-effective than ever. Our experts are ready to support you every step of the way.

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