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Expand Your Practice Outreach with Clearpath® 3.0

If you’re a dermatopathologist who sends biopsies to an outside lab for slide preparation, Clearpath 3.0 makes it easy and cost-effective for you to:
  • Expand your business into new regions
  • Grow the volume of your referrals
  • Provide cutting-edge services to your clients

Clearpath 3.0 Is Designed with Your Business Needs in Mind

Our expert team of dermatopathologists designed Clearpath 3.0 to bring the benefits of digital pathology directly to your practice. With Clearpath 3.0’s digital workflow management, distance is no longer a factor, mail delays are a thing of the past and time-consuming paperwork is eliminated. Plus, you get the competitive advantage of accessibility and helping your clients provide better patient care. With Clearpath 3.0, you can:
  • Review digital whole slide images within 48 hours*
  • Safely access slides and patient case information anytime, anywhere
  • Use our patented, touch-enabled virtual microscope to zoom and rotate slides
  • Complete, sign out and easily share electronic diagnostic reports +
  • Increase turn-around time with one-touch access for lab requests and support
  • Share digital images with your clients so they can enhance the patient encounter

*Our lab always sends glass slides to confirm the diagnosis
+From a CLIA-certified location

Review, Report and Sign Out Cases
Through One Simple Interface
Complete Customized Diagnostic
Reports Electronically
Digitally Access Our Dermatopathology Experts for Requests and Consults
Watch our Clearpath 3.0 demo video to explore this digital pathology workflow solution that will help you expand your practice.

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With Clearpath 3.0, implementing digital pathology is easier and more cost-effective than ever. Our experts are ready to support you every step of the way.

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