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What is Clearpath 3.0?

Clearpath 3.0 is a revolutionary software designed specifically for dermatologists, allowing immediate access to digital images of patient biopsies.  Through the Clearpath software, dermatologists can now review their own slides, request consultative services, or push back complex cases for full case reads.  Clearpath 3.0 allows easy viewing, anytime, anywhere, of slide images, including access to all relevant clinical information. To complete and report a diagnosis for billing, you will need to have a CLIA certificate,and depending on state regulations, a laboratory license for the location in which any professional interpretations will be provided, along with a confirmation of diagnoses via glass slides.

How does the service work?

Very simply:

  • Clearpath 3.0 users choose their viewing hardware. These include large tablets, iPad Pros, and some monitors.  Touch screen capable devices with high resolution offer users the most optimal performance.
  • After receiving a secure log-in to the Clearpath portal, dermatologists are provided a validation protocol to get started.
  • Biopsies are sent to DLCS for processing. Traditional glass slides are prepared, which are then scanned using whole slide image (WSI) scanners.
  • Once completed, dermatologists will receive the digitized image of all submitted tissue at 20x resolution (40x available upon request).
  • The resulting digitized slides are placed in the dermatologist’s secure Clearpath inbox. The Clearpath 3.0 software includes all the features for viewing the slide, including measurement tools and zooming capabilities, as well as all the submitted case information and grossing description.
  • A complete list of diagnosis codes and ICD10 codes are available and can be customized to facilitate reporting and billing.
  • Consultations and full case requests are available at the touch of a button.
  • EHR interfaces can be accommodated.
  • Glass slides are provided for all diagnosis confirmations.
  • Upon confirmation of diagnosis, the dermatologist bills for the PC component and DLCS bills for the TC component and any accompanying consultations or full case requests.

How long does it take to get slides?

On average, we process and place digital slides in your inbox within 24-48 hours.  The glass slides are returned shortly thereafter.

What are the start-up costs and will Clearpath provide all of the technology?

Clearpath charges a flat monthly fee to use the complete system. The fee ranges are dependent on whether Clearpath leases the device or the dermatologist uses their own. Regardless of device chosen, all clients are accessing our secure server.
Contact us to get pricing for your practice.

What are the benefits of using Clearpath in my practice?

There are many benefits of using Clearpath.  Below are some key benefits clients have expressed:

  • Faster access to slides (no weather delays in winter).
  • Digital images offer opportunity to enhance patient interaction.
  • Ability to bill for the PC component of a slide read after confirmation with microscope.
  • Faster and more efficient access to top tier dermatopathologists for consults and complex cases.
  • Ability to tag, filter and store cases digitally.
  • On-going education and teaching.
  • Seamless interface to EHR, reducing manual entry.
  • Automated biopsy log (simplifies reporting requirements).

How does Clearpath provide an additional revenue stream?

Reviewing your own digital slides with confirmation by glass slide allows you to bill the PC component of all your cases, although you should confirm the ability to bill for your services with your legal and/or billing consultants.

Does the quality of a digital image truly compare to looking through a microscope?

The transition to reading cases via digital imaging can only be appreciated by experiencing a demo of the Clearpath 3.0 software and then completing the validation protocol.  Current users of our software attest to the capability of the software and always have access to traditional glass slides for all cases.  An extensive concordance study demonstrating the equivalence between digital and microscope will soon be available to provide further assurance for those seeking additional information.  We invite you to see this groundbreaking technology for yourself.

What if I have questions about a digital slide or file?

Our Client Services team can be reached at: 800.532.3232 or by email at:  We are always available for your questions and will place you in direct contact with a DLCS dermatopathologist or the Clearpath 3.0 Help Desk.

Is digital pathology being done in other areas of medicine?

Yes.  Digital pathology (DP) has been around for over a decade.  Many hospital systems, laboratories, and pathologists are now moving into DP as an effective way to improve turnaround, cut costs, establish digital repositories, enhance education, and establish a digital storage system that may eventually replace glass slide storage.

What about regulatory issues?

Clearpath 3.0 is a software product designed for use as an additional tool for reviewing slides as a complement to normal laboratory services.  Clearpath customers are always supplied glass slides for confirmation of diagnosis.  As with any lab, oversight for interpreting slides falls under CLIA guidelines.

The FDA does have direct oversight into scanning instrumentation.  To date, the FDA has not cleared any manufacturer’s whole slide image (WSI) scanning device for primary diagnosis.  Our Clearpath team is working with government regulatory bodies to ensure transparency in all we do and we keep abreast of any requirements necessary to ensure compliance.  The Clearpath team also participates in several organizations including the Digital Pathology Association (DPA) that represent industry needs.

How long are my slides available in the cloud?

Once a case is finalized in Clearpath, the slide is stored for immediate access for up to 6 months. After that, the slide is archived and can be retrieved when requested.

What about security?

Clearpath 3.0 uses HIPAA-compliant SSL with industry-standard 128-bit AES encryption to safeguard patient information while it is being transmitted and stored.  Additionally, our secure servers rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as TLS 1.2, PFS, and HSTS to ensure that all communication with your web browser or mobile device receives the best possible confidentiality protection.  Our internal policies carefully control access to ePHI stored within Clearpath.  Your username and password are guarded by a 2-factor authentication system, and to ensure that Clearpath is always there when you need it, automatic backups and multiple levels of redundancy have been designed into our infrastructure.  You can count on Clearpath to manage all aspects of your digital dermatology workflow.

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